Today’s Democrat Party is Evil

More times than I can count, I have been told, “There is no difference between Republicans and Democrats.” That is the one of the dumbest, most naive comments I have ever heard. Who defends and promotes voter fraud? Who defends and promotes the slaughter of babies? Who treats citizens as member as this or that group, rather than just as citizens? Who promotes and defends illegal immigration? Who provides illegal aliens benefits that aren’t available to American citizens? Who caters to every morally bankrupt segment of society? Who crams “man made climate change” down our throats, citing notoriously inaccurate computer models as evidence? Who labels law-abiding gun owners as more dangerous than Islamic terrorists? Who boos the name of God at their national convention? Who wants bureaucratic control of every aspect of our lives, trashing the Constitution to gain it? Who appoints the hare-brained liberal judges who have bastardized rule of law? NEVER, EVER VOTE FOR A DEMONRAT. Roger Handley 9/8/16


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