Pablo writes, “So you oppose abortion, but not the death penalty? If so, then you’re only pro-life some of the time.”
Response: The death penalty is a punishment reserved for violent, depraved criminals. Abortion, on the other hand, is a death sentence for innocent, defenseless babies. There is no moral equivalence in these scenarios.
The truly unconscionable position is to oppose the death penalty while favoring abortion rights. If we can conjure up compassion for violent, depraved criminals, why can’t we do the same for innocent, defenseless babies? Why should we value the former over the latter?
The short answer is because we’re selfish and morally bankrupt. We like having the option to kill babies in order to prevent them from interfering with our lives.
It’s difficult to imagine anything more disgraceful.

Matt Lauer


People at NBC News have worked closely with Matt Lauer for more than 20 years. Am I supposed to believe them when they tell me that they just discovered on Monday night that he’s apparently incapable of acting like a gentleman should, around female colleagues he works with?

I’m sorry. I don’t believe that.

What I do believe is that big time media and entertainment figures, and big time politicians, have long considered the right to behave in an atrocious manner toward anyone they are sexually attracted to, to be one of the perks of their celebrity. I also believe that big time media companies have long considered paying victims of behavior among their stars, ranging from sexual harassment to rape, substantial civil settlements to be part of their cost of doing business.

I don’t think anyone should be surprised that Matt Lauer’s former employer, NBC News, admits that the complaint they received about sexual misconduct by Lauer, that they say they investigated and believe to be true, is not the first complaint of that kind they received about Lauer.

But, and again, pardon my Wednesday morning cynicism, if “The Today Show” now were as clearly profitable, and dominant in the ratings, as it has been in past, would corporate NBC continue to employ Matt Lauer, and continue to cover up his sexually abusive behavior, and pay his victims civil settlements, to ensure their silence???

I believe corporate NBC would do that.