Intel Committee Chair admits: There was Surveillance Against Trump by Obama Administration

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Our president is crazy like a fox!  He casts that chartreuse spinner into the water and these large mouth liberals hit it every time.  Apparently there is no limit on how many of them he is allowed to catch.  I’m sure he has found out by now that they are not fit for human consumption, so he just throws them away.  They are just trash fish and bottom feeders.  He may eventually be able to clean up that swamp.

Pastor Ward Clinton

College Campus Core Cognitive Distortion

Vice President Mike Pence is supposed to speak at the Notre Dame Commencement and while most of the students consider it a high honor there are a few “snowflakes” on the campus who claim it makes them feel “unsafe.”

Actually the problem the intersectionalist snowflakes have is the core cognitive distortions, among which is (1) Socialism good, America bad. (2) Anything that challenges what our left-wing college professors have drummed into our heads since we arrived on Campus has to be wrong because our beloved professors are always right and the conservative professor is a weak-minded bigot. (3) Christianity oppressive, Moslem poor victim. (4) Trump fascist, me freethinker.

It will take many years in the real world for the fascistic intersectionalist snowflakes to shake off those cognitive distortions that they have been indoctrinated into but that will only happen when they find the courage to actually begin to think for themselves rather than their “feelings.”

Pastor Ward Clinton