The left, through “Transference,” ascribes to the right what they themselves are and do – intolerance; racism; fascism; class division.



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Barry the brown nosed moron, thought he’d run for President. And when he got elected, the Dems thought he was heaven-sent. All of other leaders, used to laugh and call him names. Then when he got elected, Putin kept on calling him names. Then one fine November eve, Barry came to say, Hillary will you take my seat, oh you will be hard to beat. But when the country voted, it didn’t turn out that way, Hillary was inconsolable, TRUMP WENT DOWN IN HIS-TO-RY!!!

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Wake up, everyone


Islamophobe is a word crafted by Moslem leaders and clerics to be used against non-Moslems in order to silence them. It has also been added to the arsenal of the PC police to silence dissent that could lead to the awakening of the American people who are going about their personal business not really aware of the looming disaster that is stealthily approaching.

One man awake awakens another,
The second awakens his next door neighbor,
And three awake can rouse the town,
and turn the whole place upside down.
And many awake can raise such a fuss,
That it finally awakens the rest of us.
One man up with dawn in his eyes – multiplies.

What I say to you, I say to everyone: ‘Watch!’  Mark 13:37

-Pastor Ward Clinton

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Leftists are corrupt

“Leftists do whatever they want no matter If it is wrong or who it hurts. They call this Freedom. Then they accuse Conservatives of being corrupt. Conservatives say we are not free to do as we please cause our actions impact others and seek to be more respectfully balanced. Basically a non predatory society we’re all are free from persecution. ( not prosecution since we are a nation of LAWS ) Leftists then claim Conservatives are Hitler trying to run everybodie’s lives. I’m blown away by Leftist hypocrisy and refusal to accept truth in favor of their delusional world view.” Robert Simmons December 26, 2017