In an increasingly secular age, politics becomes the religion. Therefore, “Mayor Pete” questions Trump’s religion.

Pete Booty-gig worships at the altar of big government – President Trump worships the God of the Holy Bible. Mayor Pete knows next-to-nothing about the real God. Just like others who are not in tune to the Spirit of the real God, he is incapable of giving an accurate diagnosis. Nervous Nancy has the same problem as well.

Iran and Leftists

Charlie Kirk tweeted, “It’s incredible to watch the left go from being outraged President Trump may start a war with Iran to being outraged he didn’t start a war with Iran in one day.”

It is funny, quite funny and I am hoping that the majority of Americans who still identify with the Democrat party at the moment take notice and #walkaway from them. I still tend to believe that most democrat voters are not leftists.

The leftist politicians are upset that President Trump is messing up their NWO machinations. Soros is seeing his carefully crafted contrivances getting dismantled bit by bit and his dream of becoming the One World dictator is slowly slipping through his fingers. He knows he, personally, is running out of time and he may have to pass to his son that which he has lusted for and hoped to grab for himself. There is a certain class of people who are well aware of the fact that if George Soros succeeds he will only be able to hold onto it for 7 years.

Recent events leading up to this tense time with Iran: John Kerry meets with Iran and anti-American rhetoric begins ramping up. Feinstein dines with Foreign Minister & Iran begins stockpiling and openly admitting they are enriching to near nuclear weapon level. Obama staffers backchannel with them and our drone is shot down.

President Trump reacts but not according to the leftists planned script. Nervous Nancy whines that she wasn’t consulted. Sorry, Nancy, you are a nobody. Nutty Nancy probably planned to, and would have, informed Kerry anyway in order to warn Iran where and when the strike was going to happen. Nasty Nancy had no need to know and a monkey wrench has been tossed into the gears of the NWO mechanism.

Pray for President Trump and Pray for a Great Awakening in America

Democrat Propaganda Machine

A couple of years ago Rep West said, “If Joseph Goebbels was around, he’d be very proud of the Democrat Party because they have an incredible propaganda machine.”

A couple of democrats tried to chide him for telling the truth on them and he said in response, “The Democrat Party does indeed have a vicious propaganda machine, it espouses lies and deceit and the master of deception would be very proud.”

The Associated Press then tried to claim this was “Not only willful misapplication of history, but also his disdain for the decorum of Congress.”

“Disdain for the decorum,” that is so hilarious because the last two years of the phony Collusion Delusion has proven Mr. West to be so much more right than we had any way of knowing at the time. The Democrats insatiable lust for power and lack of morals has been on full display as they have viciously and maliciously attacked U.S. President #45 whom we have every legitimate reason to believe has been especially anointed by God for such a time as this.

2nd Chronicles 7:14 and Ecclesiastes 10:2

Not everyone can be right

Suck it up, buttercup, two plus two equals four whether you like it or not.

Black Belt Apologetics

Here are some common things you might hear today;

“All religions lead to the same God.”

“There isn’t one true religion.”

“Every religion is right.”

Really?  Does that sound like good logical, common sense to anyone?  Lets look at these statements a little closer to see if this actually makes sense.

Can truth contradict itself?  No. You read this next paragraph and tell me if you see any contradictions…

     Buddhism is pantheistic and says there is no personal God, and everyone can reach “godlikeness” on his own. Islam says that Jesus was just a prophet and not the only way to God. Christianity says that there is a personal God and that the only way to Him is through Jesus (John 14:6).

If these three religions are “all true”, or just “different paths to the same place”, then why do they contradict each other? Does truth contradict itself?