Democrat Successes

Over the past few years Democrats have successfully addressed numerous grave social injustices that have plagued our nation from the outset. Against all odds, they have succeeded in providing much-needed access to women’s restrooms for transgender men, pedophiles and other males, who for far too long have been denied the opportunity to sneak a peek. Never resting on their laurels, Democrats are now systematically dismantling horrendous statues that have long engendered unfathomable anguish among so many Americans and illegal aliens. As we humbly applaud the Democrats’ salient accomplishments, we can only wait in rapt veneration, anticipating what their next contribution to the welfare of the unwashed masses will be.  Roger Handley, Berry, AL

Jesus or Mohammad?

Even the Quran acknowledges that Jesus did miracles and Mohammad could not.  The Quran calls Jesus the holy one of God over and over again and acknowledges that Mohammad was a very sinful man.

Jesus did not claim to be a way but THE way: Even the Quran makes it clear to anyone paying attention that Jesus is far superior to muhammad. – Pastor Ward Clinton