Genesis 6

God’s resolation to destroy mankind for his wickedness.

Those who truly repent of the sins they have committed will resolve, in the strength of God’s grace, to get rid of them from their life and even undo it. We mock God if we say we are sorry and then continue in it without changing our behavior.

In Genesis Six God says: “I will wipe off man from the earth,” as filth is wiped off from a place which should be clean and is thrown into the sewer. So God decided to flush the earth and cleanse it. But Noah found grace in the sight of the Lord.

God speaks of man as His own ceatre even when He resolves upon his ruin; “Though I have created him, this shall not excuse him,” Isaiah 27:11. The Scripture helps us to understand that if the God of the Holy Bible is not our ruler then He will be our destroyer.

The degenerate world rejected the holy influences of heaven.

None are ruined by the justice of God but those who refuse to be reformed by the grace of God.

How Big is God?

One day a son asks his father, “father how big is God ? “
The father points to the sky and asks the son, son how big is that plane ?”
The son replies that it’s very small and can hardly be seen.
The next day the father takes the son to the airport and shows him the plane. He asks his son “how big is this plane son?”
The son replies “this is a very big plane, it’s huge”
The father then tells the son “it’s the same with God, the closer you are to him the bigger he is ”