Trump’s Visit to Mexico

The President of Mexico said he had invited both Hillary and Trump to visit.  Trump went, Hillary is probably still waiting for the Mexican President to “contribute” to her foundation first.  That is just the way she works.

A prince from Bahrain unsuccessfully tried to go through “normal channels” to meet with Secretary Hillary.  Less than 48 hours after he “donated” over $50,000.00 to her foundation he was able to meet with her.  We have learned that fact from the recently recovered emails which she thought she had deleted.

Earlier in the day, Hillary had tried to downplay the meeting by attempting to insinuate that Donald Trump was only dropping in but we now know, from the Mexican President himself, that he had invited both of them to visit for a press conference.

–Pastor Ward Clinton

Hillary Clinton’s Mandatory Adult Camps

“When Vietnamese communist took over South Vietnam, they had CONCENTRATION CAMPS to BRAIN WASH THE THOUGHT AND REPLACE IT WITH COMMUNIST AGENDA.

As my friend Heidi is trying to warn us Communism is VERY BAD for everyone but people like Hillary.  Many of our young people have been indoctrinated into thinking Communism is not an extremely evil system.  The rest of us need to wake up and do everything we can to stop the unholy trinity of Soros, BHO, and Hillary.  The time is now.

–Pastor Ward Clinton

Kerry Tells Reporters to Stop Reporting on Terrorism

In recent days we learned that intelligence reports regarding the strength of ISIS were altered by direct or indirect order of the Commander in Chief.

Today we learned of many mass graves being discovered proving ISIS is even more evil than we knew.  The current Secretary of State comes out and tells reporters to stop reporting on ISIS atrocities because that is causing them to act worse than they would otherwise.


Yes, that is the same one who said not long ago that global warming is causing terrorism.

When the evil hearted ones succeed in imposing the New World Order, reporters will probably, on pain of death, be ordered to not report on the great disasters and calamities which will occur and for the same reason:  they won’t want the people to know what is really going on.

The media ignoring the terrorism as the Obama administration has apparently chosen to do for nearly a decade, is not going to cause that terrorism to go away.  Quite the contrary, that course of action only allows it to grow bigger and more evil.

We need to pray in accordance with 2nd Chronicles 7:14 and vote Trump.

Pastor Ward Clinton

The Queen of Liars

Hillary tried to claim that Colin Powell suggested she use a secret server – he denied having said any such thing.  Now Condi Rice, who was present when the conversation was supposed to have taken place, states that it never happened and is a ridiculous assertion.

“Donald Trump is addicted to the truth,” according to Dr K. Ablow, therefore “he sometimes blurts things out without considering whether the blowback will be negative or positive.”

“Hillary,” on the other hand, “Craves power therefore truth is irrelevant to her and sometimes inconvenient….”  Hillary has no qualms with manipulating truth no matter who she hurts in the process.

Hillary is a life long disciple of Saul Alinsky who dedicated his book to Lucifer, the father of all lies.  In her lust for power she aspires to become the Queen of liars.

Donald Trump walks with The King of Kings.

Pastor Ward Clinton