Congress’ CoVid problem

There have been zero cuts to the CDC since Trump became President!

The President has actually acted very responsibly and quickly in spite of the Dems.

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It seems like the left is celebrating the way things are going. Their craving for power knows no limits. They care nothing about the people of this country or the world. To them, this is just another way to gain a political advantage. Sad stuff. Thanks to the impeachment scam and MSM the lefties own it and are lying and deflecting to hide their guilt as the anti-Trump network is doing whatever it can to stoke a national coronavirus panic while President Trump is being cautious and responsible and he calmed the people the people with his presser. CNN and the rest of the bought and sold media have always had a sinister agenda.

Don’t believe the Dems politicizing of this virus with a false apocalyptic spin. #walkaway

Relax America, not yet time to panic.

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The mainstream media is attempting to weaponize the reporting of the Corrona Virus (COVID-19) situation against Trump because of their hatred for those of us on the right.

Don’t let the media manipulate you and continue their lies in their efforts to despirit you. The Russian collusion delusion exposed corruption on the Democrat side, The Ukraine thing exposed Quid Pro Joe Biden, the Impeachment Hoax failed, and we will weather this as well.

God Bless President Trump and may God Bless America as well.

India loves Trump