Barack Obama’s Legacy

BHO Legacy.jpg

If you accept the premise that obama hates America, and hates Americans, then everything he has said and done, and everything he has not said and not done, makes perfect sense.

To better understand the origin of his beliefs, and their foundation, read, in his own words, obama’s books, “Dreams From My Father” and “Audacity of Hope”. Then look at what he has done in light of what he has said.  BO is also a follower of, and a believer in Saul Alinsky, a communist community organizer who wrote a book titled “Rules for Radicals”. Additionally read the books “The Roots of Obama’s Rage” by Dinesh D’Souza; “Why the Left Hates America” by Daniel J. Flynn; “The Amateur” by Edward Klein; “Culture of Corruption” by Michelle Malkin; and “The Post-American Presidency” by Pamela Geller. These authors correlate, in detail, the experiences, circumstances, and situations, many of which shaped BO’s mind, clearly demonstrated throughout his presidency.  Read/examine these publications, then tell me you can honestly believe BO, liberals, and the left, have America’s interests in mind, let alone in their heart.

More directly BO had done exactly what he stated 5 days before he was elected for his first term as president – his promise that “we are 5 days from fundamentally transforming America”.  BO is the greatest threat this country has ever faced. That he was elected at all is one thing, but that the American people tolerated repeated insult, injury, and acts of lawlessness from this man, without objection, and elected him for a second term says far more about us than it does about him. During his formative youth, BO was raised and schooled principally in Hawaii and Indonesia where he was simmered in racism, communism, marxism, and islam. As a result, as “president”, Obama exploded our debt, weakened our military, undermined the Constitution, worsened race relations, fanned class warfare, promoted communism, alienated friends, coddled enemies, ignored our laws, erased our borders, flooded our cities with unvetted muslims, punished success, wreaked havoc on our healthcare system, championed islam, denigrated Christians and Christianity, coarsened our culture, demonized police, poisoned our politics, weaponized the IRS, EPA, BLM and corrupted other government agencies, and turned our schools into indoctrination centers.

This was not the result of incompetence, this occurred by design.

Hillary is Soros is Obama

So much at stake. During the BHO/Hillary Administration the world has been greatly destabilized. Praying for wisdom and direction. Hillary and her followers scare me far more than mr. Trump.  If she succeeds in taking this election it will be the end of our great nation as we know it. Money and power have always attracted corruption but the high technology available to someone like Hillary will make what Hitler did look like Child’s Play in comparison. She is already telling us that she will take over our lives if she is elected.

  It breaks my heart to see so many of our kids’ generation fall for this trivial tactic of the liberals. And now they’ve gotten so hung up on it they going to allow the liberals to shred our constitution and sell us out so they don’t have to violate their conscience by voting for a pig. Are you kidding me?! We’ve had countless immoral men, including adulterers, in that White House. But I don’t believe we’ve had a felon guilty of treason and murder like HRC. We’re fighting for our religious freedom, our families, our unborn babies, our blessed way of life, and this blessed land we’ve been given. Those third-party voters may sleep well with their decision Nov. 8, but Nov. 9 will bring the shocking consequences down on us all.

  God can anoint the jawbone of an ass, but He can’t use a Jezebel. – Lance Wallnau

Pray in accordance with 2nd Chronicles 7:14 and vote Trump

–Pastor Ward Clinton