Intel Has Emerged regarding NWO

General Flynn could take down the NWO agenda within the US involving at least the last 4 Administrations.
The Russian/Trump Collusion Hoax not just a means to destroy political opponent Donald Trump. It also provided an excuse for Mueller to target General Flynn as he investigated allegations of Russian collusion with the Trump campaign.

However, Mueller colluded with Russia himself.

Mueller headed the FBI when after years of hard work, they uncovered an extensive Russian racketeering organization that involved bribery and money laundering in an effort to grow Russia’s atomic energy business on American soil.

The bust was called off as a Russian spy was “getting too close” to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Rather than our nation applauding the sting, Obama had news of the bust buried so that Hillary’s Uranium deal could pass through Congress.

The squash involved Obama, Hillary, Mueller, McCabe, Rosenstein and Comey.

See “Nuclear Bombshell! Russia Collusion Involved Obama, Hillary, Comey, Mueller, Rosenstein and McCabe”

In addition Mueller personally delivered uranium to the Russians on a secret side-by-side tarmac meeting-per Hillary’s orders. Yet he still heads the witch hunt.

But the conflicts of interest get worse.
Aside from Mueller’s Russian ties, there’s a shocking backstory that explains the real reason why the Deep State’s Mueller is targeting General Michael Flynn.

General Flynn is being targeted because he blew the whistle on the Obama Administration and by default, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, and H.W. Bush.

With the aid of our State Department, the CIA, the FBI and DOJ, these treasonous Presidents created and funded ISIS to launch a coup in Turkey.

They were also instrumental in growing the largest sleeper cell of terrorists in the world-right here in America.

Exposed: treasonous ties to terrorism that would bring down Obama, Hillary, George W, Bill Clinton and HW Bush.
The following talking points are primarily from highly esteemed Sibel Edmonds, Founder and President of the National Security Whistleblowers Coalition.

General Michael Flynn, who has an impeccable record, served in the Obama Administration.
Flynn discovered that the Obama Administration was creating, funding and arming jihadists, who would later wave the flag of ISIS.
These US/jihadist operations were taking place in Turkey and Jordan.
Obama, with the help of the CIA, NATO and his Jihadist cronies, were seeking to topple Assad in Syria.
The Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, General Flynn, discovered what Obama was up to and blew the whistle on his operation that was creating and funding Jihadi groups that were later called ISIS.
As with many whistle-blowers Flynn was punished. He was pushed out of the Obama Administration.
General Flynn then proceeded to earn a living by forming his own company that involved working with international players. Some of those players were from Turkey.
A year later he blew the whistle again-this time directly to the American public. He wrote an article in The Hill calling on America to support Turkey.
He exposed the world’s biggest ($25 Billion dollar) terrorist sleeper cell headquartered in US-(the group was Radical Islamist Fetullah Gulen’s network. Gulen has a net worth of over $200 Billion.
Bombshell: It was Bill Clinton who brought Gulen and his terrorist network to the United States. In 1998 Bill rolled out the red carpet and had him flown here in a private CIA plane. Clinton knew full well that Gulen was wanted in Turkey and other nations for terrorist activities.
Gulen owns the largest chain of charter schools in the US. The Charter Schools receive a half a billion dollars per year of our taxpayer money..
The US/jihadist operation morphed into the Arab Spring, destabilized the Middle East and created the orchestrated migrant crisis.
Hillary took part in the launching of the Arab Spring as Secretary of State under Obama. To the woman candidate, Gaddafi’s brutal torture and murder was hilarious. “We came. We saw. He died.”
The largest terrorist network cell is Gulen’s network and it has been allowed to flourish within the United States for more than 20 years. Gulen has had the protection of the last 3 Presidents, the State Department the CIA and the FBI.
Unlike Flynn, Mueller was Obama’s yes man. He supervised the squashing of all government records and whistle blowers that implicate the Gulen network in any criminal, espionage or terrorist activities. He also shut down related FBI investigations and hindered Congressional oversight.
Only after the attempted coup in Turkey did some of these facts surface in the mainstream media.
For revenge and to neutralize Flynn’s threat of exposing ties to Gulen, the Obama White House launched a campaign of leaks to the media to slander Flynn 6 months before Mueller’s council was appointed.

The smear campaign alleging that he was not forthcoming about some coversations he had with the Russian Ambassador forced General Flynn out of his new job as National Security Adviser for the Trump Administration.

The Russian investigation morphed into a Middle East investigation. Mueller was on Flynn’s tail and using his unchecked authority he cooked up “Turkeygate.”

Turkeygate charges that Flynn took part in a plot to kidnap Fetullah Gulen and return him to his home country. General Flynn and his son allegedly would receive roughly $15 million dollars for the kidnapping gig.

In addition to Russia there is another conflict of interest-involving the Middle East.

Mueller has a history of covering for terrorist organizations. Obama ordered the DHS to scrub records of terror ties to Muslims. Similarly, per Obama’s orders and with Islamic oversight Mueller’s FBI scrubbed “offensive” references to Radical Islam in FBI training manuals.

He also utilized his position as Director to cover for Gulen’s network and took action to squash Michael Flynn’s whistle-blowing reports. – Dr Larry

Iran and Leftists

Charlie Kirk tweeted, “It’s incredible to watch the left go from being outraged President Trump may start a war with Iran to being outraged he didn’t start a war with Iran in one day.”

It is funny, quite funny and I am hoping that the majority of Americans who still identify with the Democrat party at the moment take notice and #walkaway from them. I still tend to believe that most democrat voters are not leftists.

The leftist politicians are upset that President Trump is messing up their NWO machinations. Soros is seeing his carefully crafted contrivances getting dismantled bit by bit and his dream of becoming the One World dictator is slowly slipping through his fingers. He knows he, personally, is running out of time and he may have to pass to his son that which he has lusted for and hoped to grab for himself. There is a certain class of people who are well aware of the fact that if George Soros succeeds he will only be able to hold onto it for 7 years.

Recent events leading up to this tense time with Iran: John Kerry meets with Iran and anti-American rhetoric begins ramping up. Feinstein dines with Foreign Minister & Iran begins stockpiling and openly admitting they are enriching to near nuclear weapon level. Obama staffers backchannel with them and our drone is shot down.

President Trump reacts but not according to the leftists planned script. Nervous Nancy whines that she wasn’t consulted. Sorry, Nancy, you are a nobody. Nutty Nancy probably planned to, and would have, informed Kerry anyway in order to warn Iran where and when the strike was going to happen. Nasty Nancy had no need to know and a monkey wrench has been tossed into the gears of the NWO mechanism.

Pray for President Trump and Pray for a Great Awakening in America