Election Deniers

On the verge of these historic Midterm elections, Democrats are bludgeoning their opponents as “election-deniers”, trying desperately to tie them to Donald Trump and the January 6th “riot”. Since when did the Democrats become the champions of election integrity? According to Mark, it’s part of their dark mission to hide their inglorious record of challenging every presidential loss for the last 20 years. Only this time, their subterfuge has been exposed to the full light of day. And Mark is bringing the video receipts as proof. Will you use them to tie the Democrats to their hypocritical past?

FBI Raids Mar a Lago

The Jan 6th hearings weren’t going well so they needed to try somethng else.

Mark Levin said it like this: these leftist political hacks sat around a conference table and plotted for MONTHS as to how they will stop Trump from perhaps regaining the White House and removing their POWER! These vicious, dishonest and cheating lowlifes realize they must “get this done” before midterms when they may lose the House & Senate. Personally, I DO NOT TRUST any branch of the U S. Government under this far left Biden administration. Lastly, the moderate Dems are scared to death of the Left. God help us!

Democrats can’t ever come up with a decent leader. Not since Kennedy. Biden puts Illegals and China first. He doesn’t care that his hate for President Trump is destroying American citizens.

What a lot of people (democrats) don’t understand or refuse to…. Donald Trump is exactly what we needed then, and now. NOT a paid for corrupt politician, a business man. If his companies weren’t successful, they didn’t make money. Politics on the other hand…. Do favors for other counties and in return get favors that help the person, not our country. BIG DIFFERENCE. That’s why Congress didn’t like Trump. He was messing up their ability to get their kickbacks from all those countries. It’s sad. Hopefully Joe & Co. Won’t do too much damage. We shall wait and see.