Exposing the Democrats

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Leftist politicians don’t want an intelligent population because people who can actually think logically can’t be controlled.  They want a public just smart enough to pay taxes and dumb enough to keep voting for them.

Far left Democrats have taken over the party, they actually did that a long time ago but it is now very obvious.  Those leftists want to give “free” everything to everyone which will turn America into Venezuela on steroids.

Every rat infested ghetto in major cities across America is a Democrat stronghold and has been so for decades.  The propaganda that keeps being fed to those trapped in those Democrat-created-ghettos is that the Repubs are responsible for all the problems so that the people mindlessly follow the Democrat pied piper that is walking them to the cliff.  Some are waking up to their predicament and choosing to just #walkaway.

I pray that more will


Great Awakening Needed

Listening to Sunday church service on the radio. Young woman speaking to the congregation but with young children around the podium.
She asked the question…” Where does God live?” One child says “Everywhere”
“Yes” she answered. “But where else?” She said, “The church.” Another child spoke up.
“Of course he does,but where else does he live?” (Silence) “Would you see God,say,in a grocery store?”
“Yes!” From several kids at once. Next she asked. “Would you see God in a park?”
“Oh,yes!” Was the reply. Next question was asked honestly. “Do you see God in school?”
One young girl answered,it was a resounding…. “No!!” The congregation erupted with.laughter. The sad thing is….
Even the youngest children have learned that God is not welcome in the public schools.

He used to be