FBI Raids Mar a Lago

The Jan 6th hearings weren’t going well so they needed to try somethng else.

Mark Levin said it like this: these leftist political hacks sat around a conference table and plotted for MONTHS as to how they will stop Trump from perhaps regaining the White House and removing their POWER! These vicious, dishonest and cheating lowlifes realize they must “get this done” before midterms when they may lose the House & Senate. Personally, I DO NOT TRUST any branch of the U S. Government under this far left Biden administration. Lastly, the moderate Dems are scared to death of the Left. God help us!

Biden’s Inflation

As we thought, Jun-CPI +9.1% (expected +8.8%). May-CPI +8.6%
Core was +.7% (expected +.5%).

Highest inflation in 41 years (since Reagan end of Carter-Reagan recession) and showing acceleration which will force Fed to more aggressively bring inflation down to 3-5% by raising short rates by 1% next week and again in Aug (no FOMC scheduled; may elect to hold ad hoc meeting between Jul.26 & Sep.20)

May-PPI (Thu) will likely show +11.5%, up from +10.8%.

Yield curve is now inverted by +11bp short-long (not insignificant) indicating recession ahead.

Continue the line upward to the right and near record levels.