Cultural Activism

Although some, if not most, conservatives don’t believe in boycotting, I state unequivocally that if we want to win this culture war, we have to learn to fight using the Leeft’s tactics. Remember the old adage. “Nice guys finish last.”

the children of this world are in their generation wiser than the children of light. – Jesus, Luke 16:8

wiser in their generation – That is, though they are all egregious fools for rejecting God, they are truer to their principles; they more steadily pursue their own way then the Children of Light. Because of that evil men grow stronger and more vile.

Therefore, we who are the Children of Light must be awake and pro-active in changing the culture back to the better.

A Rock in Good Hands

Don’t let them infringe on your freedom and God given rights. We have had multiple warnings over the past few years (decades maybe) that there are some bad men masquerading as good ones who want to enslave us and they cannot accomplish their vile desires until they take the “rocks” away from us.

Molon Labe, baby, Molon Labe