Modern ‘prophets’ say that our economics have failed us. No! It is not our economics which have failed; it is man who has failed – man who has forgotten God.  Hence no manner of economic or political readjustment can possible save our civilization; we can be saved only by a renovation of the inner man, only by a purging of our hearts and sould; for only by seeking first the Kingdom of God and His Justice will all these other things be added unto us. – Fulton J Sheen


There is no bigot like the atheist.  Atheism is indeed the most daring of all [bigoted] dogmas … for it is the assertion of a universal negative.

There are arguments for atheism, and they do not depend, and never did depend, upon science.  They are arguable enough, as far as they go, upon a general survey of life; only it happens to be a superficial survey of life. – G. K. Chesterton