Collusion Delusion and Journalistic Malpractice

Karl Rove is trying to tell Trump to “move on” from Mueller. it is a good thing Rove is on the outside looking in because he is wrong again. The MSM is doubling down on the collusion delusion instead of apologizing like they should be. They are claiming that AG Barr has to be lying about the Mueller report.

The Mueller report is 400+ pages, however Mueller is not running around saying that the summary does not actually reflect the report. The left wing media is offering no apologies, no remorse, no embarrassment for their months and months of lying to the American people.

Rand Paul: “Brenan was the ringleader who pushed the dossier. Everyone in the “deep state” and Obama and the media were in on the hoax. Steele, under oath, admitted that thing was a work of fiction. Interestingly enough, at some point in time someone decided to stop lying. Was it Mueller, the friend of AG Barr?