Hillary Claims She Didn’t Know…

“We have thousands of examples where she herself has used a ‘C’ in brackets & signed it off.”

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange responded to Hillary Clinton‘s claim that she did not recall that a ‘C’ marking on an email meant classified information.

Sorry, but the President (aka “Commander-in-Chief”) must know what “C” means on classified info, Number one she’s lying, and if she’s that stupid to think we are that stupid, she definitely is unfit to be President or Commander-in-Chief.

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange is clearly setting the stage for “The October Surprise.”

This is what Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party is most fearing. That is just one page. ONE PAGE! If there is a major dump by “Wikileaks,” then the Democratic Party better have a replacement for Hillary Clinton very, very quick. It is getting too close to the General Election at this time.

On the other hand…I’m rooting for a “YUUUGE” Trump landslide victory –Pastor Ward Clinton

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