Voter Beware


Hill and Bill have long been self-serving egomaniacs who will do anything to get the power and the money they lust after and they’ve never cared much who they use and abuse along the way.  But when you are a part of the far left, the pc crowd doesn’t seem to care.

I heard someone on Michael Savage say I think Ted is most conservative and Savage said then tell me why Ted voted for TPP?   That is as liberal as it gets. The guy said well he doesn’t have to be 100% conservative and Savage said there we have it… So what is the argument when Trump has a couple positions not completely conservative?

Those media

people #AgainstTrump are the same media that attacked candidates in the past for being “Too Conservative” and unelectable” and now they say Trump isn’t conservative enough and Ted is more so.  They don’t want Trump period because their elitist buddy’s don’t want things shaken up in Washington.  Trump isn’t in the club because he can’t be bought off and their old tactic which they successfully employ against many highly successful business people of making them “pay protection money” to keep the government from coming up with new rules to destroy their business endeavors won’t work anymore with Trump.  Since Ted is more in Washington they see him as the less of two bad ones because they think he can be manipulated easier and be politically strong armed.  Trump will do more for conservatives and conservative principles than anyone since Reagan.

–Pastor Ward Clinton

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