Accessory to Murder

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She is an accessory to 17 counts of 1st degree murder.  She had a hand in causing the shooting to take place by bullying Cruz for 3 years.  She admitted to the bullying and acted like she was totally justified in doing the bullying – no clue to “cause and effect”.  Some kids who are bullied wind up committing suicide and the bully is rarely held accountable for their actions.  It wasn’t the gun, it was her and her fellow heartless bullies.

NWO Youth

He is so naive and proves that by being upset because his school will be providing clear backpacks and now he feels like his rights are being violated…Boy, you are being used. You wanted something done that will make schools safer well, clear backpacks is a great place to start. You can’t pick and choose your rights…..Every time I see him I think of Rolf, from the Sound of Music.

Gavin Newsome, gun grabber

#1) Not ONE of the shooters in these egregious crimes were NRA members.
#2) All the shooters were registered Democrats.
AND #3)….
Yup…hundreds of you gun grabbing California Democrat polititians have concealed carry permits!
Yet you work night and day to make it virtually IMPOSSIBLE for law abiding Californians to obtain the same right to carry and have the same ability to defend life, liberty, property and general safety of our fellow citizens.
Your reign of terror is coming to an end SOON!