Barack Obama’s Legacy 2

BHO Legacy.jpg

What is wrong with our world?  What is wrong with our country?  All of the PC indoctrinated liberals and snowflakes are afraid to stand up for our country and the rights of the average American and that actually spills into problems in the whole world.  Instead of standing up they are bowing down at the altar of the left-wing fascist lunatics.

If you really want to get rid of an enduring symbol of racism in America don’t get rid of General Robert E. Lee statues, instead try removing the Democrat party.  Of course, it is largely true, the Dems are merely the overtly political arm of the left-wing media.

Since the 70s the lefties have been indoctrinating students in schools and colleges and now, after 40 years of work, are reaping their little programmed commie robots.  In 2016 the left thought they finally had the USA ripe for a complete takeover but they forgot how truly unlikable Hillary really is.  They were quite sure their well-oiled propaganda machines were capable of ensuring their victory.  After all, they had succeeded in installing a community agitator and kept him in power while he divided and demoralized and nearly destroyed all the nation’s foundations.  The left even believed their own highly manipulated polls which were designed to dispirit any possible opposition.

Conservative Christians who had been driven to near despair began earnestly praying to the very God of the Holy Bible whom Democrats despise as was evidenced by their booing Him during their 2012 national convention as well as by many other acts which they have been committing and He intervened on our nation’s behalf as well as on the behalf of the followers of Jesus the Christ.

Now the left is so grief stricken by their defeat and the destruction of many of their plans.  But instead of repenting of their evil ways the lefties want to completely tear down our Christian values; not just conservative but Christian values.  It doesn’t really have anything to do with confederate statues, that is only a means to an end.  It doesn’t have anything to do with Social Justice either which is merely another smokescreen designed to deflect and obfuscate.

My fellow Christians we must stay focused on Making America Godly and then God will take care of Making America Great Again.  Pray constantly and consistently in accordance with 2nd Chronicles 7:14.  We’ve already got a good start…let’s keep up the momentum.

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