Cummings’ District

Folks, that would definitely Moving on Up

The Dimms don’t want to actually fix any problems because that means the grants and kickbacks they have been getting would dry up and they would have to come up with new schemes to fleece the American taxpayers.

Cummings Refuses Tour of Baltimore HUD facility

Rep. Elijah Cummings rejected an invitation from the Trump administration to tour a federal housing facility in Baltimore on Wednesday.

Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson invited the Maryland Democrat to tour a HUD facility in Baltimore. Baltimore’s chronic rodent and garbage problems hit national news recently after President Trump called out Cummings, who chairs the House Oversight Committee.

Elijah Cummings is worried that Trump will expose him for the race-baiting fraud that he is. All of the swamp rats are getting nervous because it looks like they are about to be exposed for what they truly are.


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Last January -President Trump said New Hampshire is infested with drugs -…….same wording – different place. Why is only one racist ? Sounds like the press is racist – not @POTUS

Cummings a few years ago called Baltimore a drug infested-rat infested as he was demanding for out tax money to “fix” the problems. However instead of fixing the problems he lined his own pockets as well as the pockets of some of his fellow Dem politicians in the district and did everything to keep the cash flowing into his own pockets while claiming those who wanted to know what was happening with all the money that got poured into the place with no improvements to the impoverished areas.