Corona Crisis; Something Suspicious

Because of their hatred for President Trump and all those who voted for him to lead this great nation, two governors (MI Gov Whitmer and the one in Nevada), so far, have decided to ban hydroxychloroquine from being used to treat “COVID-19.”

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President Trump did not come up with the idea of using the, time tested, 50+ year old drug. He simply listened to promising alternatives from Doctors that were seeing positive results and let America in on the good news.

The liberal totalitarians want to crush the hope and further risk American lives to feed their own hate for the President while using it for their own political gain. Surely, if the drug is FDA approved and the Doctor believes it to be in the best interest of the patient the governor cannot prevent its use? “My body, my choice” is only okay sometimes? Democratic politicians must be removed from power or dark, very dark, days may be in our near future.

3 thoughts on “Corona Crisis; Something Suspicious

  1. If you examine the history of disease, every disease conquered by humanity has a “EUREKA!” moment. That moment happens when somebody studies a disease that is plaguing humanity and pieces together what will work to cure it. I assure you that humanity has already had that “EUREKA!” moment for COVID-19 and related diseases. The solution is ZINC used with ZINC IONOPHORES.

    An incurable disease is like a mathematical equation that needs to be solved. That’s what laboratories around the world are trying to do: Solve the COVID-19 “equation” so that it equals CURE instead of DEATH. Let’s look at this chronologically:

    A study of ZINC IONOPHORES from 2009 showed that they counter disease:

    In 2014, ZINC IONOPHORES were explored in a study on “Chloroquine.”

    That same year, another study was done on Quercetin as a ZINC IONOPHORE:

    When Trump announced “Chloroquine” as a solution to the COVID-19 crisis, he didn’t know what he was talking about. And he harmed people around the world by recommending a pharmaceutical drug based on a now debunked French study:

    An Austrian and German doctor worked together on this presentation:

    *Check out the information underneath the video. There are many links to explore. I think Franz Wiesbauer from needs to be interviewed by the American media.*

    Wiesbauer explains how ZINC IONOPHORES work in an earlier video about the potential of “Chloroquine” to treat COVID-19:

    What has frustrated me about Trump’s recent public health misinformation is that he does not understand that what makes “Chloroquine” work is ZINC. He is ignorant about public health and should leave all public health matters to medical professionals and researchers. Trump and FOX News both used the debunked French study to promote a pharmaceutical drug that doesn’t work well to treat COVID-19 without ZINC present. Just a few days ago a study came out saying that “Chloroquine” will not cure COVID-19:
    And this:

    That’s because ZINC has to be used with a ZINC IONOPHORE to cure COVID-19. It’s not the “Chloroquine” that cures the disease, it’s ZINC. “Chloroquine” is merely the conveyor of the ZINC. But ZINC tablets or lozenges are not enough when a person is extremely ill from COVID-19. Much larger amounts of ZINC need to be directed at the cells, deep into the cells. “Chloroquine” used in younger people who still have the ability to absorb ZINC in their bodies will work better than trying it on older people who have chronic ZINC deficiency issues. The longer a person lives, the less able they are to absorb ZINC and need it supplemented in their diet. People with lowered immune systems will have a lower ZINC level than a healthy person. It is logical to conclude that nursing care residents need ZINC on a daily basis and possibly a ZINC IONOPHORE with it when ill with COVID-19.

    But it’s dangerous to use pharmaceutical drugs like “Chloroquine” as a cure for COVID-19 on older people because “Chloroquine” can cause heart failure. Trump is responsible for all the people harmed as a result of his bad advice to take “Chloroquine.” Look at this: There are many ZINC IONOPHORES that can cure COVID-19 in conjunction with ZINC. For example, QUERCETIN PHYTOSOME is a highly absorbable ZINC IONOPHORE that does not have the side effects that “Chloroquine” has. Researchers and medical professionals are in the process of finding out what works and what doesn’t. There are many solutions to the COVID-19 problem, many cures for that whole category of related diseases. The common denominator for any cure is to get ZINC deep into the body’s cells.

    I suppose that pharmaceutical companies are trying to patent ZINC IONOPHORES, but there are many of them so the cure will not be monopolized. Bill Gates, in my opinion, is spending money the wrong way by investing in vaccinations and pharmaceutical drug experiments designed to make cures profitable. Bill’s approach to public health problems unfortunately gives rise to conspiracy theories about population control and pharmaceutical industry world domination. But no one can control ZINC. It acts as a vaccination against COVID-19 and related diseases — and (when used with ZINC IONOPHORES) is also the cure.

    It is interesting to note that Type A blood types are more susceptible to COVID-19 than Type O blood types:
    This is understandable since Type O blood types eat more meat which has ZINC in it. Type O blood types will generally have higher levels of ZINC in their bodies which protects them from disease and helps them to recover quicker from illness.

    The key to solving humanity’s plagues has always been to understand the causes. That’s obvious. Rickets was cured with vitamin D, “scurvy” was cured with vitamin C. Someone first had to understand that the diseases were caused by vitamin deficiencies and then explain it to others. That’s how humanity’s understanding of those diseases changed over time. Today, these diseases are controllable with supplements. COVID-19 and related diseases have to do with ZINC deficiency. And since ZINC cannot be patented and the supply cannot be controlled, pharmaceutical companies are struggling to find a way to monetize the cure for COVID-19. But we already have the cure. We just need to refocus on saving lives and preventing the disease by increasing amounts of ZINC for health maintenance and using ZINC IONOPHORES for people who are extremely ill and approaching death.

    Let’s do it!!

    God bless you,
    David Solomon


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