Corrupt Joe Biden is Owned by China 🇨🇳

Maybe It’s all a SET-UP by the so called president, a guy named Sleezy Joe and Communist China.. Why do you think that the Biden Deep State Regime told you it was a weather balloon and let it float for days, knowing it wasn’t. Then, after catching heat about it, Biden let the Balloon finish gathering all the data on our military bases and transmit back to China. And by the order of China, destroy it when it gets into the Atlantic Ocean, and it can’t be recovered due to the salt water destroying the computers… why the heck would you have a Balloon over Latin America also…weather Balloon my butt… wake up people… IMPEACHMENTS are past due..🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲

Nowhere Man

Think about this…
it is another tool to genocide Americans…America is currently under assault by China & other countries politically…central& south americas sending their poor, their criminals, their drug cartels…also, criminals from every continent coming in illegally thru Mexico/Texas/California border…😱

Thanks to our “nowhere man” Puppet President