Who Do You Want Running America?

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the Honduran Caravan is an invasion set up by the Democrats and media funded by Soros, to disrupt and destroy America.

Ed Roberts says, “A while back, I decided to stop using the term “liberal” when referring to Democrats, the Left, and other clearly un-American groups… because they had hijacked an important term which for nearly two hundred years had actually been meant to describe our founding fathers, and other like-minded true patriots of liberty, from an era which began before the inception of our glorious nation and all throughout the years which were to follow.
-Well, now I’ve decided to merely lump them all together (those who would see our nation and our American values and traditions torn asunder…) and refer to them collectively in the form of an acronym:
S- socialists
C- communists
U- un-Americans
M- Marxists

So, from now on, if you see me use the word “SCUM” in all caps, you’ll know who I am referring to in my written musings in “A Quill To Arms”, as well as any of my other written or spoken comments…

Oh, and yes, by all means, please feel free to use the acronym yourselves as well.”


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