Barack Obama Legacy 4

BHO Legacy.jpg

I support President Donald Trump, and politicians from any political party who support an America first policy for our nation.
In Florida, it seems Democrats are more interested in linning their own pockets with federal tax investments, than doing what is best for our State or Nation.
No matter how much money is spent on fantasy based Democrat solutions, those problems just grow bigger, get worse, and create more problems. It seems the very Old Democrat Party is not ready to let go of their own created dysfunctional Social Plantation of mostly illiterate, economically dependent Voting Slaves. It has been a bigger cash crop for the Democrat Party than cotton ever was.
Keep them illiterate, keep them poor, keep them blamming others, and they will vote Democrat for the next 200 years! 52 years down, 148 more to go!
Those old enough, honest enough, and intellectual enough, know this to be true.
It seems former Democrat President Lyndon B. Johnson will be known as a Political Prophet and Democrat Marketing Genius based on his accurate predictions in the mid 1960’s.
However, MAGA will be more successful as more humans escape the whips and chains of the Democrat Party Plantation of misinformation and economic dependency for votes. This will be a slow ongoing process, but maybe it will not take another 148 years to free these people, and to better our Society for the benefit of all Americans.

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