Barack Obama’s Legacy 3

BHO Legacy.jpg

The lefties want to tear down various monuments in the South, not to destroy Southern Heritage but to erase and rewrite Democratic Party history.  It is a history that proves they were evil and the perpetrators of social injustice in the past and they are still on the wrong side of what is best for humankind in spite of their current rhetoric.  Of course that is and always has been their modus operandi.

He who does not learn from history is doomed to repeat it’s mistakes.  That is why we need to keep our historical markers and learn the real story of what took place and the why.  “Every moment wasted looking back keeps us from moving forward.” – Hillary KKK Clinton.  Of course, she was only trying to keep here thoroughly rotten past from being investigated which includes a deep admiration for Margaret Sanger, Robert Byrd, and Saul Alinsky.

There are many buildings in Virginia named after Robert Byrd, Democrat, Grand Kleagle of recruting for the KKK.  Margaret Sanger is founder of Planned Parenthood who sought to exterminate the black populace through abortion.  Saul Alinsky was an admirer of Satan and writer of “Rules for Radicals.”  Obama and Hillary are both admirers of Alinsky.

So, how is it the best of times?  God has given us another chance via President Trump.  Jobs are coming back and economic growth is happening but our President needs our support.

“We can be in our day what the heroes of faith were in their day – but at the time they didn’t know they were heroes.” — A. W. Tozer

Therefore, keep praying and supporting God’s man for the hour, President Trump, as we are all he has …God, he has got God.  Pray hard for a great awakening, a genuine Great Awakening to sweep America.  It is a Romans One world but I/we must be Romans Eight people.

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