Democrats Don’t Represent America

The illusion that the Democrat party represents the majority of Americans has been exposed as a falsehood with the election of Trump.  During BHO’s presidency the Democrats have been losing seats all across the land, not just in D.C.  At the same time, let us not forget that the DNC has a long history of obtaining votes from the deceased not to mention those in the country illegally.

Democrat politicians routinely violate the laws and, if caught, call for a new law to be written in an effort to deflect from the fact that they are in violation of existing law when a new law is not actually not needed in order to address the problem.  They then have a tendency to mount a vociferous attack against those who dare to point out the fact that the Democrat is in violation of existing law as he proceeds to claim his opponent is attempting to obstruct justice because they have dared to claim that a new law is not necessary.  All too often, everyone gets confused and new legislation gets drafted and debated.

Now it has taken a long time but the Church is finally beginning to be bothered by the erosion of its civil liberties.  Many Evangelical Christians have finally awakened enough to be praying for the demise of the Democrat party because of its anti-God/anti-Christian stances and policies.  We are even now finally starting to realize that the Democrat Party suffered major losses in 2010, 2012, 2014, and 2016.  The Main Stream Media has been “spinning” (twisting the facts) and covering up for the elitist politicians but the veneer has finally gotten so thin that we can finally see through it and we now know God has been answering our prayers.  Therefore we now have a real opportunity to truly Make America Great Again via a magnificent and true Great Awakening of the scale and nature that helped to bring the USA into existence in the first place.

President Elect Donald J Trump is our Nahum.  After the preaching by Jonah the city-state of Nineveh had a “Great Awakening” and was greatly blessed by the God of Father Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.  After many years Nineveh forgot God.  Nahum was sent to them and they could have returned to God and been blessed once again.  America has been highly blessed by God.  America has been tolerating things that God has said should not be tolerated.  Political correctness has been allowed to silence voices that should never have been silenced.  Trump has a skill set that can be used by God to change the course America is currently on.  Dystopia does not have to be our future state.  This is not the time to stop praying in accordance with 2nd Chronicles 7:14.  We are in need of a brand new Great Awakening all across the USA for that is what will Make America Sane Again, and Make America Work again, and, yes, even Make America Great Again.

Pastor Ward Clinton

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