Chineese Spy Balloon and Gene “therapy”

As Americans grew frustrated over the Biden Administration’s delays and lame excuses for failing to shoot down the Chineese Spy Balloon, Biden’s Pentagon was able to gather important details on Beijing’s spy capabilities. Yeah, right. At least that is the story they are now trying to tell us since they finally shot it down over the Atlantic Ocean where no civilians could get access to it and find out what kind of stuff it was carrying and how large a payload it had.

They are now admitting, in a round-about way that there have been multiple spy balloons from Communist China over the last couple of years. Dry runs for a coming attack?

One final thought for now. Are the Dems returning to their old fascination with Eugenics? Master race ring a bell?

#Let’s Go Brandon

Let’s go Brandon is the rallying cry right now for faith & freedom loving Americans; and perhaps for liberty-loving people worldwide.

Mike Huckabee was being very gracious in saying that the reporter at the racetrack confused what was being said by the fans in the background by claiming the crowd was saying Let’s Go Brandon ( #LGB ) when the crowd was being sufficiently vocal for it to be clearly understood that they were chanting #FJB. Now, to give her credit, it rhymes. Most of us are aware that the CNN reporter was attempting to cover up-hide what was really being said and that she did it in either standard CNN reporter malpractice or for fear of losing her job for telling the truth instead of towing the Dem Party Line and covering up the truth when it doesn’t fit their agenda.

The left doesn’t lie to us because the truth will hurt our feelings; they lie to us because the truth might provoke us to make choices that won’t serve their interests. In the not too distant future people will wonder how we could have let them lie to us for so long and cause so much damage to our society.

If we’d had honest journalism from the Main Stream Media over the past few years we wouldn’t have China Joe in the White House and we would still have a booming economy. Therefore, it is time to wake up, speak up, and take back our country.