Another Demonstration of Hillary’s Deceitfulness

Hillary’s health issue is just another demonstration of her deceitfulness.  On 9-11 she departed the memorial ceremonies quite early.  She had to be assisted into a van.  The Main Stream Media failed to have video.  Purposefully?  Fortunately some video got posted thereby making it impossible for television media to completely squelch the story.Clinton’s complicit Campaign Cadre explained the collapse as heat exhaustion.  It did not take long for some to wonder why she did not remove that jacket she was wearing if she was getting so hot.  Then some reporters wandered off of the reservation and noted that it was actually a rather pleasant day; not hot at all.

Suddenly, several hours later a story was concocted that she had been diagnosed with pneumonia two days earlier.  Why so secretive?  Why Chelsea’s apartment instead of an Emergency Room?  Were they afraid someone might have learned what is really wrong with her?

Remember, folks, her previous cover story was that she was suffering from allergies.

If Hillary would just be honest for a change it would stop a lot of speculation.  On the other hand, it is probably too late for her to stop lying because if she were to finally start coming clean we would have no reason to believe that she had finally stopped lying to us.

Hillary health question.jpg

Hillary seems to be incapable of telling the truth.  Many years ago it was speculated that she and her husband were congenital liars and her continued dishonest has only bolstered that suspicion.

Hillary lied & lied & then lied again about classified emails on an improperly protected computer system.  She used a high power system to erase evidence after it had been subpoenaed and then lied repeatedly to cover up that fact.  Some have described her as demonic. By that, perhaps, they mean Satan is the Father of lies and Hillary has proven to be the Mother of all liars.

The pneumonia story could be legit, but there is almost zero chance that it is based on Hillary’s M.O.

Speaking of king Zero, he and Hillary have the same ideological father, Saul Alinsky.  That is the fellow who wrote an epigraph in his book “Rules for Radicals” honoring Satan for his rebellion against the almighty.  Hillary adored Saul and the only evidence we have of BHO teaching anything shows him teaching from Saul Alinsky’s book, even though the MSM tries to claim it was the Constitution.

Obama filled in for Hillary on the campaign trail on 9-13-16 as she took a 2nd day off thereby demonstrating that she is merely an Obama third term.  The crowds definitely respond to BHO more positively than cold, calculating, conniving Hillary Clinton.

Pastor Ward Clinton

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