It’s not about politics, It’s About Your Future

It’s not about politics it’s about your children’s future. Are you being influenced by others or are you influencing others?….. cannot be saved by a silenced majority…. If you care about your children’s future you can no longer be silenced of afraid of what others may think or say about you…. We have a clear choice between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Trump is owned by no one indebted to no one and obligated to no one. Hillary has been bought and paid for by special interests of foreign countries and enemies of our nation. She is a liar, a criminal, and a murderer. She is unfit physically, mentally and morally to lead this nation…. If you are a patriot and care about this country and your children’s future it is time for you to stand and courageously take responsibility to answer those around you. This country has been severely damaged by the despotic lawless and treasonous administration of Barack Obama. Hillary will continue in his path of our national destruction. What are you going to do to stop her???????

Hillary and 9 11.jpg

–Pastor Ward Clinton

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