Abortion holocaust

Ken Ham: Think about it! The abortion holocaust far surpasses the terrible atrocities of Hitler. Could it be that one of the reasons God is withdrawing the restraining influence of the Holy Spirit in this culture and turning people over to debased things (read Romans 1) is because this nation has brutally murdered around 55 million children?

God-fearing people certainly feel outrage over the massive number of unborn children murdered. Our cries of outrage are silenced quickly, though, by a culture that tells us this issue is “political,” and therefore out of a sense of politeness we should keep our views to ourselves. Likewise, if we express a biblical view of marriage and sexuality, we are silenced with accusations of bigotry. Similarly, if we proclaim to believe the Holy Bible is an accurate record of the origins of the universe, our planet, and humanity… we are silenced with ridicule. Abortion and these other issues are touchy issues, and I have found that even in the church we are discouraged from speaking of them openly for fear of driving a brother or sister away from the faith. In this way, our churches are becoming like the culture.

There are only 50 million children in school in America.

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