Kenosha Quickdraw Competition

That’s some funny stuff right there; basically Karma came into play. 🙂

From day one, the case against Kyle Rittenhouse has been political, malicious, and built on outright lies. Now that the trial has finally taken place the truth is coming to light and the left-wing media outlets are worried that the American people will all learn the truth. Oh, yes, Kyle can win this case and safeguard the right of self-defense for every American.


On Nov 19, 2021 Kyle Rittenhouse was found NOT GUILTY on all counts.
After 4 days of deliberation the jury returned a verdict of not guilty. During the deliberation process, activists, using bullhorns to spout BLM slogans made threats against the jury if they found a not-guilty verdict.
Apparently, 2/3 of the jury pool thought Rittenhouse was guilty going into the trial; based on polling data.

From day one, as stated above, the case was political and malicious. During the trial the defense lawyers appeared to be somewhat incompetent and the court of public opinion was not on Kyle’s side, at least from all appearances.
But the Main Stream Media outlets were found guilty on all counts for lying about Kyle Rittenhouse; hopefully many of the “woke” ones will wake up and begin to recognize that fact.
CNN and the rest of the left-wing (deep state) media assured us that there would be an immediate explosion of rage if Kyle was found innocent of all their concocted charges. But what really happened was that the crowd cheered and the majority of those driving by were in support of the not-guilty verdict. Our right to self-defense won in spite of the left’s desire to prevent us from being able to fight back against their tactics of violence.
Still, there remains a high degree of probability that the left will hire and bus in a large number of malcontents and bad actors to stir up trouble and riots within the next few days.

The left used various dirty tricks and terror tactics throughout 2020, starting violent riots and calling them “mostly peaceful protests.” We’ve been made to almost expect them to burn down cities when they get bad, for them, news. That is not legal in our system of government; the people who should have to face a trial are the ones who looted businesses, committed arson, vandalism, and lawlessness, not the people who defended their town against them when law enforcement was prevented from doing so by the left-wing political hacks.

The left’s rent-a-mobs do not represent the people of Kenosha or America-at-large but the people cheering the verdict do.

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