Trump Arraignment

Trump arraignment: Judge denies motion to allow live cameras as former president faces criminal charges… #FoxNews

“Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg objected to cameras in the courtroom, saying his concerns included “the prejudicial impact of pretrial publicity on the jurors, the impact on the truthfulness of the witnesses, responsibilities placed on the trial judge to assure a fair trial and the impact on the [defendant,” court documents show. 
“The prejudicial impact of pretrial publicity on jurors?” Bragg thinks there could be more publicity?  That the jury isn’t already tainted, in a city with 8-1 voter roll advantage for Dems, and the “the impact on the truthfulness of witnesses?”  Bragg’s star witness is a convicted liar for crying out loud!  Bragg doesn’t want [you] to see how New York does Stalinists show trials!
#TheGreatAmericaShow” Lou Dobbs

Election Deniers

On the verge of these historic Midterm elections, Democrats are bludgeoning their opponents as “election-deniers”, trying desperately to tie them to Donald Trump and the January 6th “riot”. Since when did the Democrats become the champions of election integrity? According to Mark, it’s part of their dark mission to hide their inglorious record of challenging every presidential loss for the last 20 years. Only this time, their subterfuge has been exposed to the full light of day. And Mark is bringing the video receipts as proof. Will you use them to tie the Democrats to their hypocritical past?