Dem’s Dishonesty on Display

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Oops, looks like Dems forgot to send NBC the memo explaining how they were supposed to report it. Instead they exposed the truth.

Democrats are pushing for a Centralized (more power to the government & “red tape”) approach that would nationalize the distribution of Coronovirus tests.

Republicans say testing should be handled by the states and the people. Congressional Dems want more money.

Republicans claim the people and private companies are best suited to find an innovative solution, not the D.C. politicians. President Trump said Friday that governors are responsible because they are closer to the people and Nancy squealed like a stuck pig; after all if she can’t control the money flow how is she going to be able to afford her elitist $12.00 per pint ice cream in her brand-new $25,000 refrigerator while the American people worry about affording basic necessities.

Petulant Princess Pelosi is very much like Marie Antoinette, only a lot more crooked.

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