Ignorance and Bigotry

A delusional man with a socialist agenda said, “When ignorance and bigotry is aligned with power, it is a dangerous force in this country.” – Cory Booker

That is so hilarious and fascinating coming from him because he has pretty accurately described the Democrat Party.  Once again the adage “Even a broken clock is right twice a day” has been shown correct.  He has some pretty serious skeletons in his closet but he appears to not be afraid to cast stones because he believes the Democrats will continue to cover for him…they probably will.

The Democrats in D.C. recently ran a sham attack on then Judge, now Justice, Kavanaugh standing the rule of law on its head by pronouncing him “guilty before innocent” with non-credible, unsubstantiated charges.  Fortunately they failed to destroy him or our country but that doesn’t mean they won’t continue to try due to their insatiable lust for power and control.

Pray 2nd Chronicles 7:14  … and Rock the Vote Red – save our Republic


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