Hateful Democrats

This raging hate that the left has is unlike any we have seen before. I can’t help but believe it goes deeper than a hate for President Trump. I think they are furious with themselves. They had worked out all the little bugs in their plan for a one-world Global government and thought they had the American people so scared with global warming and “racist” Republicans who was going to have everyone picking cotton again that it was going to be a landslide for Hillary.
But they showed their hand a little to soon and people caught on to what they where up to. Hillary as president would have been the end of America as we knew it . Obama did great damage and laid the groundwork for the final blow. It was a done deal as far as they where concerned. Can you imagine waking up and finding your house your car your job gone, and most of your friends experiencing the same thing? This and maybe even worse is how libtard demaRATs took Hillary’s loss.  It was unbelievable to them, surely there was some mistake and they still feel that way.
America, we dodged a bullet but don’t think it’s over or that they will ever give up.  We owe a great debt to every patriotic American who got out and voted, we owe a great debt to President Trump for the courage he has shown; he stands shoulder to shoulder with Washington and Lincoln.  I became very optimistic again that America’s best days are ahead.  God Bless America God Bless President Trump and the American People

Ecclesiastes 10:2 and 2nd Chronicles 7:13-14

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