Hillary is Obama is Soros

Obama had a very dark agenda before he assumed office.  I documented much of it in a book as well as who the primary person who is behind him and Hillary.  Due to the corruption in D.C. and in the “Mainstream Media” BHO has been able to carry out much of that agenda.  There are a lot of people who think he is stupid but that seems to be just a part of the con he has managed to pull off.  He has done exactly what he was programmed to do.

Before BHO occupied the Oval Office there was essentially no radical Islamic invasion of America.  Now we are being forced to accept Islamic indoctrination in our public schools while Judeo-Christian beliefs are being ridiculed, demonized and excluded.

Now we are being inconvenienced by Islamic prayer in schools, airports, and businesses.  The ACLU says we have to tolerate that while saying Christian prayer cannot be tolerated.

Now we are being inundated with law suits by Muslims refusing to do their jobs when they suddenly decide it conflicts with Sharia Law – a law which has no legitimate standing in the USA.

BHO’s AG of the U.S. has threatened to prosecute anyone who engages in “anti-Moslem” speech.  BHO’s AG has ensured herself of a continued job, should Hillary win the Presidency, by shielding Hillary from prosecution for the mind-boggling level of corruption she has been engaged in.  How half of America is wondering how crooked, corrupt Hillary is avoiding conviction while the other half either doesn’t care or thinks she must not be guilty because she has not yet been jailed for her crimes.  Anyone else would have been jailed for far less.

Recovered and leaked Clinton emails prove that Benghazi was a gun-running scheme gone bad, they knew the obscure video had nothing to do with the terrorist attack which they repeatedly falsely called a “protest,” and they gave “stand down” orders multiple times that night.  The founders of ISIS, BHO & Hillary, were guilty of the worst kind of crimes against the USA and the world that night.

Hillary and her perverted, impeached hubby Bill are almost as reliable and trustworthy as a rubber crutch.  Those of us who are awake are sick of politicians, sick of the Democrats, and sick of the elitists in the Republican Party who’ve long been engaged in corruption and shady practices.

We are looking forward to a Trump Presidency and the beginning of the cleaning of the cesspool known as Washington, D.C.

–Pastor Ward Clinton

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