Poisoned Skittles Tweet Upsets Lefties

Donald Trump Jr., in an analogy, compares Syrian refugees to a bowl of Skittles with only three of them poisoned.

Trump Jr.’s Skittles tweet came after the arrest of the New York City bombing suspect Ahmad Khan Rahami, who was born in Afghanistan.  Politico and other assorted lefties are all upset over the analogy even though (maybe because) it is a good analogy.

Maybe he should have said “Tylenol”!

Folks, some years ago there were seven bad Tylenol capsules and we changed the entire pharmaceutical packaging process. Today we have safe Tylenol!

Why is doing the same for our immigration and refugee process not a good idea???

When is the country going to wake up and realize that this is a severe threat to America how many more people will have to die inside the United States to get the point across we cannot allow our borders to remain unsecure?   ISIS has bragged that they have inserted some of their “soldiers” into the “refugees” Obama is importing into our country.

This is not to provoke fear this is to provide the truth about what is really going on with the corruption throughout the Federal Government.  God help us all get Donald Trump and his team to the White House it is our only hope.

#Trump2016 because we don’t need sleazy slick Willy molesting anymore interns. We also don’t need anymore race-baiting hate filled blm supporters such as the Soros backed Hillary.

–Pastor Ward Clinton

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