NYC Bombing, Wake Up Call

Hitler wrote a book called Meine Kampf.  In it he spelled out his plan to exterminate the Jewish people. He did not hide the fact that he hated the Jews. Yet it is my understanding that many supported and voted for him.
I ask myself how can this be, did they think he was just kidding? Could they not see how dangerous this man was?
There is a saying: those who do not study history are destined to repeat it.  Unfortunately, those of us who have learned from history may be forced to endure the folly caused by those who failed to learn if we don’t awaken them and assist everyone in taking the proper course of action now.

America, Islamists do not try to hide the fact that they are out to conquer the world and force their ideology upon everyone.  We see them burn our flags.  They carry signs that say death to America.  Yet the liberal Democrats have brought thousands of them into our country. And if Hillary is elected, will bring in tens of hundreds of thousands more.
My fellow Americans if you don’t get out and vote for Donald Trump and elect him as our president we are going to see the rise of barbarism around the world that has not been seen since Attila the Hun.

Your country, your family, your freedom are all depending on how seriously you take this threat from those Muslims.
Remember Germany, remember Hitler, remember war war 2.  

Get out and vote, vote Donald Trump to stop the Radical-Islamist invasion of America.

There will be no do-overs, there will be no second chance.

Our freedom is hanging in the balance how much do you care?

–Pastor Ward Clinton

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