Only Hillary

Bill Clinton’s Arkansas Industrial Development Commission steered Japanese corporation, Tokusen, Inc., to an almost exclusively White area of Arkansas (at the time), Conway, Arkansas, at the corporation’s request. When the news was leaked to a Black Arkansas State Legislator and he in turn made it public through both the Arkansas Democrat and Arkansas Gazette, governor Clinton had the AIDC’s staff sanitize Tokusen, Inc.’s file where the only thing left were newspaper clippings of both state newspapers breaking the story. Subsequently, governor Clinton submitted a bill before the Arkansas State Legislature making the business of the AIDC Secret, as well as any of the material in its files.

Hispanics/Latinos were not a protected group under Bill Clinton’s 12 years as governor of the state of Arkansas. This exposed US Citizen Hispanics/Latinos, legal resident alien Hispanics/Latinos, and migrant seasonal farm workers to regular and constant abuses, disparate treatment, and discrimination by employers, landlords and others in Arkansas.
Neither Bill Clinton nor Hillary Rodham Clinton ever spoke or wrote about the situation, nor was any bill ever submitted to the Arkansas State Legislature correcting the situation during their 12 years in office.

During Bill Clinton’s term as governor, being late or delinquent with your rent was made a criminal offense with sanctions. Guess who that bill impacted most adversely?
During Bill Clinton’s 12 years as governor of Arkansas, the signs proclaiming “White” and “Colored” under water fountains remained at the Pulaski County, Little Rock AR, Courthouse.  They were whitewashed, but still very readable.  Why weren’t they just REMOVED?  Because the Clintons tiptoed around their racist Democratic allies who didn’t want them removed, that’s why!

Pastor Ward Clinton

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