Anti-Education Democrats

The Democrat party is the anti education party. Think about it. What better way to destroy something than to claim you advocate it, only to destroy it from within. Our school system has become all about the teachers union even when it is a choice between education or the union demands. It is the teachers unions who also back the Democratics. If you destroy our citizens ability to think and understand, then they will be easily fooled by the lies of the Democrats.

Trump has claimed when he tried to improve inner city schools his biggest obstacle was always the teacher’s unions.  Their pay increases ae never merit based.  The left has destroyed the classical education model from within as per their intention.

Fake Media Created James Hodgkinson

Democrat shooters

At the very least.

James Hodgkingon, the gunman who opened fire on 14 Jun ’17 on Republican Congressmen and staffers had declared on FB that “It’s time to destroy Trump and Co.”

the deranged base of the Democrat party is so full of hate and people like Bernie and Hillary and the CNN crew all fan the flames to keep their deluded base on the plantation.  We therefore have a clear example of the dangers that can transpire by the media pushing a false narrative.  This weak minded individual, James H., was so thoroughly brainwashed by the left-wing media outlets that he decided to take the lives of those he had been programmed to hate.  He parroted on his FB page many of the stories that have been clearly proven to be false, but they served to fuel his hate and prevent him from figuring out who the real oppressor was.

Democrat politicos have been calling for “blood in the streets” and now that they have got it they are suddenly pretending they didn’t really mean it.  They are only saying that at the moment because they fear a backlash that would remove them from their comfy positions of power.  In a few days they will likely return to their hate-filled rhetoric.  It took less than 24 hours for some in the left-wing “news” media to return to their lying propaganda.

Sadly, more than a few in the far left are calling James H. a “hero” which only proves how evil they truly are.  Decent people would at least pray for those injured but the rebid leftist’s hatred seems to stop at nothing.  The insanity and incitement to rage by the leftists must stop.  They are the true face of the Democrat part but the violence, mayhem, and discord of the Democrat Socialist party must be brought to an end for the sake of the society.

2nd Chronicles 7:14 –Pastor Ward Clinton

Riots at Berkeley

berkely riot.png

So now they hate gays… Amazing how leftists can hate and they still like each other.. They are the TRUE haters… And just why was there no arrests?? The republicans should sue the school for stiffling their free speach.. Then the federal government should pull all student loans and call all outstaning loans.. If they refuse destroy their credit for life… There needs to be some responsibility taken…..

They are reaping in accordance with what they have sown for years, though.


Hmmm…what is that?  Democrats in disguise?

Truth be known, Soros and others like him from the far left are creating and funding the “alt-right.”  Time will tell, just as it has revealed other inconvenient truths about the left.  It is interesting that the left has the habit of accusing the right of the evil that it commits.  Ladies and gentlemen, it is almost as though it comes from their playbook, “Rules for Radicals” by Saul Alinsky.

The fake news sources; which includes MSNBC, CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, NYTimes have been trying to brainwash us all for a very long time but more and more people are waking up and escaping the Democrat plantation which intends to enslave us all by whatever means they can.

If you are scared of white people who say (in your opinion) things instead of actual terrorists, actual murderers, actual criminals, then you have removed all doubt that you’re nothing more than easily brainwashed chattel for the one world government which will make the dystopia you claim to fear even worse that you currently imagine.

It wasn’t the “alt-right” who assassinated 5 police officers based on their race, accumulated 9 million dollars of destroyed property in Baltimore, burned down nursing home, blocked ambulances, cut fire hoses, attacked innocent people, or literally placed a bomb at an elementary school or painted swastikas.  That was Black Lives Matter, the NBP, and hired thugs outside of Trump rallies.  The “alt-right” to date, never murdered or attacked anybody, the left wing and Democrat-party hacks did all that.

–Pastor Ward Clinton

Only Hillary

Bill Clinton’s Arkansas Industrial Development Commission steered Japanese corporation, Tokusen, Inc., to an almost exclusively White area of Arkansas (at the time), Conway, Arkansas, at the corporation’s request. When the news was leaked to a Black Arkansas State Legislator and he in turn made it public through both the Arkansas Democrat and Arkansas Gazette, governor Clinton had the AIDC’s staff sanitize Tokusen, Inc.’s file where the only thing left were newspaper clippings of both state newspapers breaking the story. Subsequently, governor Clinton submitted a bill before the Arkansas State Legislature making the business of the AIDC Secret, as well as any of the material in its files.

Hispanics/Latinos were not a protected group under Bill Clinton’s 12 years as governor of the state of Arkansas. This exposed US Citizen Hispanics/Latinos, legal resident alien Hispanics/Latinos, and migrant seasonal farm workers to regular and constant abuses, disparate treatment, and discrimination by employers, landlords and others in Arkansas.
Neither Bill Clinton nor Hillary Rodham Clinton ever spoke or wrote about the situation, nor was any bill ever submitted to the Arkansas State Legislature correcting the situation during their 12 years in office.

During Bill Clinton’s term as governor, being late or delinquent with your rent was made a criminal offense with sanctions. Guess who that bill impacted most adversely?
During Bill Clinton’s 12 years as governor of Arkansas, the signs proclaiming “White” and “Colored” under water fountains remained at the Pulaski County, Little Rock AR, Courthouse.  They were whitewashed, but still very readable.  Why weren’t they just REMOVED?  Because the Clintons tiptoed around their racist Democratic allies who didn’t want them removed, that’s why!

Pastor Ward Clinton

Major Garrett Attacked for Acting like a real journalist

liberals are stupid

As I have documented in my book, “The Antichrist of Our Time” most of today’s American journalists have either been to the Midwest Academy or have been indoctrinated by professors who received their marching orders from there.

state church

Another way of saying what the CNN reporters were saying as they attacked CBS reporter Major Garrett is, “Major Garrett is failing to march in lockstep with the rest of us, therefore he must be destroyed before he completely unmasks ‘Dear Leader’.”

What happened?  The Major asked a legitimate question which any real reporter should be asking.  Obama did not like it and our fascistic President got into a hissy-fit over it.  Because “Dear Leader” did not like the challenge, many of the sycophantic “journalists” began seeking ways to denigrate Major Garrett in order to curry favor in the eyes of their messiah, Barak Hussein Obama.

If we see Major Garrett being ostracized by his co-workers at CBS we should not be surprised because most of the media has been co-opted by the far left mindset.

Pray, my friends, and keep your powder dry.


–Pastor Ward Clinton