Hillary is Incapable

Hillary is Incapable of telling the truth.

She lied and lied about Benghazi.

She lied and lied about classified emails.

She lied and lied about her health.

I could go on and on with this because I have only barely begun to scratch the surface but that is enough for this blog entry.  The pneumonia story could be legit but there is almost no chance that it is based upon her track record of lying to us.

campaign bus.jpg

Hillary had coughing spasms on the campaign trail and she claimed allergies.  On 9-11 she claimed the collapse was heat exhaustion and a few hours later, when that story was being called into question she suddenly claims to have been diagnosed with pneumonia a couple days earlier.

Hillary claims to have been “transparent” about her health records but that is just another bald-faced lie.  Isn’t it funny that she claims Trump has been secretive about his health records but anyone paying any attention to what is going on can clearly see, once they have cut through her sycophantic lap-dog media’s bias, that most of what she has told us does not match up with reality.  Today, 15 Sep 2016 her “doctor” who supposedly said she is in “excellent health” claims to have done a procedure that real doctors describe as a “Nonexistent procedure” in a statement that only a first year med student might mistakenly make.

Emails, which Hillary thought she had destroyed after having been subpoenaed, prove that she knew that her gun-running scheme which was intended to supply arms to ISIS was likely to turn into a terrorist attack.  Most likely in Libya, none of our citizens, including Ambassador Stevens had any idea about Hillary’s (pay to play?) scheme.

Trusting Hillary cost at least four people their lives in Libya.  If we trust her with the office of President of the United States it will cost us our country.


–Pastor Ward Clinton

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