Hanjin Shipping Company

6 Sep 2016

Hanjin plans to file for court protection in about 10 countries, including Canada, Germany and the U.K., this week.

Drowning Hanjin not alone among global shippers – analyst

The long-running global economic downturn has left the shipping industry drowning in excess capacity – Agence France Press

SINGAPORE – The problems that sank South Korea’s Hanjin Shipping this week could be just the tip of the iceberg, analysts say, with the long-running global economic downturn having left the industry drowning in excess capacity.

Another headline reads: “Collapse of the World’s 7th largest shipping line upsets global trade.” – CNBC

Analysts are suggesting that the major economic impact is actually going to be felt in a couple of months.  Although Obama has been trying to claim that we are experiencing  a good economy the fact remains that he has been using smoke and mirrors tactics to make the economy look better than it really is.  His house of cards is likely about to tumble and his charade will be on full display.

Pastor Ward Clinton

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