Obama created the war on police

sheriff David Clarke.jpg

Three generations after Democrats declared war on the Black Family, and here we are. You better believe it’s political. By an evil design to corral people into government enslavement, thus was born the situation of today.  The Democrats promised everything, but there was one hitch…no dads in the home. No dads!!!  -by design- Complete Party loyalty, or willing enslavement, replaced the family unit.

BLM rose from the ashes of The Ferguson affect when an Officer was blamed by Obama for killing a thug! Officer Wilson was found innocent! After that Baltimore burned, 8 officers were charged with murder! Those that have had their day in court were found innocent! Today 5 officers are dead 7 others hospitalized! When is Obama going to stand with Law Enforcement! If he was so concerned about black lives he would have been calling out Chicago on a daily basis! BLM should be designated a hate group just like the KKK and Neo-Nazi’s!

Evil design, these are the fruits of ongoing Democrat policies. It is a very dark day for us, but it can be turned around through Returning to God, education and families.

Vote Trump.

–Pastor Ward Clinton (originally posted while Obama was still President)

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