Longstanding Democrat Problem


Nathaniel Grigsby was ahead of his time. Born in 1811, Grigsby was a precinct committee man for Abraham Lincoln, according to Authentic Campaigner. He was also said to have been a friend of the president during his youth In Illinois.

He was living in Missouri at the time of Lincoln’s election, and one early morning was warned by his neighbor that he should not “light any lights.” That meant the forces of the Democratic Party were out to murder him.

Grigsby moved to Indiana. He volunteered for the Civil War, along with four of his five sons. He was named 2nd lieutenant in the 10th Indiana Cavalry.

Time took its course, as it does tend to do. In 1890, Mr. Grigsby passed away in Kansas. However, he left a brilliant warning to future generations, via an inscription on his tombstone.

“Through this inscription I wish to enter my dying protest against what is called the Democratic Party,” the dedication reads.

“I have watched it closely since the days of Jackson and know that all the misfortunes of our nation has come to it through this so-called party therefore beware of this party of treason.”

Democrats have been responsible for everything bad in this country, although now they love to revise history and pretend that they weren’t. The only question is, when will Americans wake up and stop voting for them?

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