Choudray’s threat

No, it is not paranoia when they actually are trying to kill you.

Anjem Choudray has announced the things that Islam will outlaw when it takes over.  Among them are:

Alcohol  Pork  Gambling  Porn  Usury  Promiscuity  Freemixing  Gays  Cinemas  Idolatry  Insurance  Stocks/shares  Insulting Prophets.

But apparently pedophilia will still be accepted.  Freemixing is integration, oh we can’t have that according to Islamic teaching.

Islam sucks

  The alcohol one is kind of funny because Choudray has been known to down more than his share of alcoholic beverages.  It is true, however, that all the evidence is from a few years back but Moslems are known to sneak off to strip bars and imbibe in a few drinks.  “Promiscuity,” now there is another duplicitous term they seem to like in that only women are required to be chaste but even that has a hypocritical multiple level standard.

  If a woman is a paid prostitute or stripper then she is relatively safe from the morality police.  I don’t know for sure how that works.  If a woman is raped she faces stoning while the man, or men, can usually count on walking away scot-free.  Then there is the problem of being improperly chaperoned.

The fact of the matter is that almost everything on Choudray’s list has multiple levels of hypocritical enforcements and/or allowances.  But that is the Moslem way of doing things.

Oh, and just in case you were wondering.  No, I’m not your standard run-of-the-mill pastor, I have been in many countries and rubbed shoulders with many cultures.

The only prophet Moslems actually care about is Muhammad.  “Insult” Mohammad and they fly into a murderous rage; insult Jesus and they really don’t much care.  If Moslems actually believed what the Koran teaches then they would have to recognize their obligation to study the New Testament portion of the Holy Bible because Jesus is the holy one of God, according to the Koran, and he will return to earth, according to the Koran, which makes him, Jesus, the actual “last ‘prophet’ of the one true God,” not Mohammad.

The Chattanooga shooter’s manifesto, among other things, revealed the Moslem belief that there is a test coming at the end of this earth-bound life.  Warning!  Failure to study the Injil guarantees you will fail the test!  Study of the Koran is not sufficient; you must study the Injil (New Testament portion of the Holy Bible) and unlock its secret in order to gain paradise.

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