Now is the time for all Christians everywhere to wake up

One of the sad realities within the local church today centers on the fact that numerous born-again Christians have little or no knowledge of the spiritual warfare that takes place all around us. The Bible is crystal clear in proclaiming that there is a battle raging in the heavenlies as the forces of evil continue to wage war against not only the Creator, but also against all who trust in Christ Jesus as Savior and Lord. Islam is just one of the examples of that warfare.

Now, just one, (of many) reasons you can trust the claims of the Bible over other world religions.

The Bible is accurate geographically, historically, and scientifically. For example:
-In one of the oldest books in the Bible, Job said more than 4000 years ago that the earth hangs on nothing (Job 26:7). Scientists didn’t discover that fact until 1650! Hindus believed that the earth rested on the back of an elephant that stood on the back of a turtle that was swimming in a great endless sea.
-The Qur’an, written in the seventh century AD, says that the sun sets in a muddy spring (Surah 18:86). But 1700 years before Muhammad, David said the sun is actually on a circuit “from one end of heaven…to the other end” (Psalm 19:6).

The Bible has been proven accurate in all its claims. In fact, it has been ahead of the scientific world on a lot of discoveries. It isn’t up until recently that the scientific community has begun to understand the scientific principles listed in the Bible. Nothing archaeologically or scientifically has ever proven the Bible wrong. Whenever archaeology or science disagrees with the Bible, further research shows the Bible was accurate.
The same can’t be said about other religious books. Why would you believe something that has been proven false over and over again?
There are a lot of reasons for doubting that any of the versions of the Qur’an are inspired by the Creator of the universe.

-It contradicts known facts of science. For example, it teaches that the sun actually descends down into a muddy spring on the earth (Surah 18:86). You could get away with a statement like that in certain parts of the world in the seventh century. Obviously, today, we know that the sun is actually on a circuit through space and Mecca with its black stone is not the center of the universe.

-The Qur’an contradicts known facts of history. For example, it denies that Jesus of Nazareth was crucified on a cross (Surah 4:157), something that has been substantiated not only by the Bible but also by extra biblical sources, such as the Jewish Talmud and Flavius Josephus. Archaeology is not kind to Islam, which is one reason why Muslims try to destroy ancient artifacts.

There aren’t any good reasons to accept the Qur’an as inspired by God. The most popular evidence that Muslims try to give for the divine inspiration of the Qur’an is its literary beauty, but this is a very questionable means of testing a document for divine inspiration. What would stop us from believing that Shakespeare’s or Dr. Seuss’ writings were also divinely inspired? After examining these things, it would be safe to conclude that the Qur’an is not a divinely inspired book.

– Pastor Ward Clinton

Talking About God

Jesus v Muhammad

I’m a theologian.

Now I don’t know what thoughts just came into your head when you read that.  What I know is that I tend to have a slightly erroneous picture formulate in my own head. (But i’m getting better)

Many of us Christians tend to think of theology as an abstract academic discipline with little bearing on day-to-day Christian life and activity.  Therefore one of the first things we ought to do is to understand what theology is.  Theos (God) logos (word); it means a word about God.

There is Christian theology, Muslim theology and atheist theology as well as a few others.  …Atheist theology?  …Oh yes, some atheists absolutely obsess on the God whom they vehemently deny exists and then they go to great effort, expending lots of energy and time, to try to get rid of the God they claim to not believe in…is that weird or what?

It is no wonder, then, that God calls them what He does.

Muslim theology is based on the Koran while Christian theology is talking and thinking about God in a distinct way based upon the Holy Bible which, even the Koran acknowledges, is the uncorrupted holy book of God.  Sadly, for the followers of Mohammad, most of them don’t seem to be aware of that fact.  That is understandable because of all the confusing contradictions contained in each of the various versions of the Koran.

Every Christian, by definition, knows God, thinks about God, and makes statements about God.  Therefore every Christian is a theologian; some are better at it than others but every child of God is supposed to be a good theologian and that is accomplished by studying and knowing what is actually in the Holy Bible and what is not.  Some, if they are asked to open their Bible to something like 2nd Hezekiah 3:16 will search and search while others will quietly smile.  It is an indicator of the level of theological understanding, not the best indicator, but it is one.

I am an above average theologian but every Christian should be at least at my current level.  I did not get to my current level of theological comprehension without lots of study and help from fellow Christians; however I am far from where I really should be.

If every Christian were a better theologian the world would be a far better place than it currently is.

…to be continued…

–Pastor Ward Clinton

Choudray’s threat

No, it is not paranoia when they actually are trying to kill you.

Anjem Choudray has announced the things that Islam will outlaw when it takes over.  Among them are:

Alcohol  Pork  Gambling  Porn  Usury  Promiscuity  Freemixing  Gays  Cinemas  Idolatry  Insurance  Stocks/shares  Insulting Prophets.

But apparently pedophilia will still be accepted.  Freemixing is integration, oh we can’t have that according to Islamic teaching.

Islam sucks

  The alcohol one is kind of funny because Choudray has been known to down more than his share of alcoholic beverages.  It is true, however, that all the evidence is from a few years back but Moslems are known to sneak off to strip bars and imbibe in a few drinks.  “Promiscuity,” now there is another duplicitous term they seem to like in that only women are required to be chaste but even that has a hypocritical multiple level standard.

  If a woman is a paid prostitute or stripper then she is relatively safe from the morality police.  I don’t know for sure how that works.  If a woman is raped she faces stoning while the man, or men, can usually count on walking away scot-free.  Then there is the problem of being improperly chaperoned.

The fact of the matter is that almost everything on Choudray’s list has multiple levels of hypocritical enforcements and/or allowances.  But that is the Moslem way of doing things.

Oh, and just in case you were wondering.  No, I’m not your standard run-of-the-mill pastor, I have been in many countries and rubbed shoulders with many cultures.

The only prophet Moslems actually care about is Muhammad.  “Insult” Mohammad and they fly into a murderous rage; insult Jesus and they really don’t much care.  If Moslems actually believed what the Koran teaches then they would have to recognize their obligation to study the New Testament portion of the Holy Bible because Jesus is the holy one of God, according to the Koran, and he will return to earth, according to the Koran, which makes him, Jesus, the actual “last ‘prophet’ of the one true God,” not Mohammad.

The Chattanooga shooter’s manifesto, among other things, revealed the Moslem belief that there is a test coming at the end of this earth-bound life.  Warning!  Failure to study the Injil guarantees you will fail the test!  Study of the Koran is not sufficient; you must study the Injil (New Testament portion of the Holy Bible) and unlock its secret in order to gain paradise.