Major Garrett Attacked for Acting like a real journalist

liberals are stupid

As I have documented in my book, “The Antichrist of Our Time” most of today’s American journalists have either been to the Midwest Academy or have been indoctrinated by professors who received their marching orders from there.

state church

Another way of saying what the CNN reporters were saying as they attacked CBS reporter Major Garrett is, “Major Garrett is failing to march in lockstep with the rest of us, therefore he must be destroyed before he completely unmasks ‘Dear Leader’.”

What happened?  The Major asked a legitimate question which any real reporter should be asking.  Obama did not like it and our fascistic President got into a hissy-fit over it.  Because “Dear Leader” did not like the challenge, many of the sycophantic “journalists” began seeking ways to denigrate Major Garrett in order to curry favor in the eyes of their messiah, Barak Hussein Obama.

If we see Major Garrett being ostracized by his co-workers at CBS we should not be surprised because most of the media has been co-opted by the far left mindset.

Pray, my friends, and keep your powder dry.


–Pastor Ward Clinton

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