Democrat Malfeasance & China Virus

Image may contain: 4 people, closeup, possible text that says 'CHINESE VIRUS TIMELINE OF BLAME December 14 WHO tells world China Virus not contagious Feb. Senate Security Council looks into Trump Impeachment and NOT Virus scare in China Jan 21 First American diagnosed Virus in Washington State State Jan 29 Trump forms Virus Task Force Jan. 31 Trump Bans Travel from China Feb Acquitted. Biden Calls Trump Xenophobic-for China Ban Feb Pelosi calls Trump Racist. Tells people come Chinatown March 30 Pelosi says Trump fiddled with the Virus people dying March 31 Adam Schiff promises Trump Virus Impeachment Investigations EPLORABLE MEME'
This simple meme shows the extent of Democrats’ pernicious malfeasance. It’s even worse; WHO was still parroting the Chinese government’s lie of no human-to-human transmission JAN. 14.

This is only the tip of the tip of the iceberg.

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